Sunday, March 25, 2007

What is Lifestyle Planning and Why Would Anyone Do It?

Did You Know....

The average person spends more time planning their next 2 week vacation

than they do their lifestyle in "retirement?"

Yet with our bonus years of longer life and better health a person's time in "retirement" can last as long as their core career.

Lifestyle Planning Works!

Research shows that those who plan reach their goals and are more satisfied. don't leave your life up to chance.

What is Lifestyle Planning and Why Would Anyone do it?

Lifestyle planning as provided by 2Young2RetireMadison is a guided process where you identify your values, signature strengths, and life purpose to use a criteria for creating a balanced portfolio of life activities.

Getting to know yourself again and what really matters to you, helps you make choices among all the possibilities.

Have a partner? We help people create life plans that take into account individual and joint needs. Partners need to plan together so they don't grow apart, yet need space to grow as individuals too.

We help people look at all the different areas of their lives and set priorities and goals, all in light of their life purpose.

Research on authentic happiness and life satisfaction in retirement shows that people who have a sense of purpose; a defined life meaning and are involved in something greater than themselves are happier and healthier than those who do not.

So why would you engage in a lifestyle planning process?

As a psychologist, I know that the more clearly one envisions a goal the more likely your are to reach it. This is the essence of strategic planning in business, the heart and soul of sports psychology, and the secret of "The Secret". A strategic planner is asked to write down the details of an ideal day in the life of their company 6months from now, every detail of what will be happening after the change. A sports psychologist working with a baseball player in a funk, will have that player imagine a perfect swing that connects with the ball for a home run. The secret has you imagine the outcome so clearly that you can feel the experience.

We help people go through a process to imagine their ideal life in "retirement"...(I put "retirement" in quotes because we really need a new word for this phase of life, so many of us will work and stay engaged with the world). Doing this maximizes their odds of achieving those goals.

If you want more information try one of our teleseminars or classes- check out for more information.

I will be offering information in the blog on resources, agencies, programs, class all kinds of ideas for enriching your life.

Stay tuned and develop a life you love living.


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Nadine said...

Wow! You've really done a great job with this blog. It looks as though you've been blogging for years, rather than a less than two weeks. Keep up the good work -- I'll be returning again to read your posts.