Monday, June 23, 2008

Couples Just Aren't Talking About It! Much less planning for their future together.

A recent study shows that couples are not even talking -- much less making plans for later life.
A survey showed that almost half didn't even know whether their partner would work in retirement, and more than one third disagreed about when their partner would retire. Barely four out of ten surveyed had done any financial planning at all.

Many people are just too busy leading their lives to have a good conversation about the next stage. Yet research shows that planning ahead increases your chances of obtaining the kind of future you would like.

Glenn Ruffenbach of the Wall Street Journal interviewed financial planners across the country to develop the "Top Ten Questions that You and Your Spouse Should Ask Yourselves About Retirement." He suggests that you should ideally be discussing these questions at least five years before retiring.

Here they are:

  1. Do we really want to retire, and if so when?
  2. What is our vision of retirement -- and do we share the same vision?
  3. Where do we want to retire?
  4. What's our strategy for building and preserving a nest egg?
  5. What assets do we have for retirement - and are they invested in the most beneficial ways to achieve our goal?
  6. How much money will we need to support our lifestyle in retirement?
  7. Do we have an estate plan -- and where is it?
  8. What will our legacy be?
  9. What kind of relationships- personal and financial - do we want with our children and parents in later life?
  10. How will each of us approach and manage, getting older?

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